Website Maintenance & Support

Maintenance and Support for a Worry-Free Wordpress Website

A stagnant WordPress website can fail or become a security risk. If you never monitor, update or touch your WordPress website, then the software that powers your website can become vulnerable to hacking attacks or failure. We understand what it takes to maintain your website and will take care of everything so you can focus your time and energy on other areas of your business.

Need Email?

New Wave Partners can offer basic email as a part of your hosting plan for an add-on fee of as little as $5/mo. 

Already have a WordPress Website hosted somewhere and just needly monthly maintenance? We’d love to discuss maintaining your website, but some of the above services will not be included.

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Ready to Work With a Local Company on the South Shore?

New Wave Partners is located in Braintree, MA on the South Shore of Massachusetts. Don’t entrust your web design project to a company who doesn’t know your name. Hiring a local company to maintain your WordPress website offers several distinct advantages. 

1 These updates are important for the security of your website. Old and outdated core files, themes, and plugins are the most common ways for hackers to gain access to websites. Premium plugin licenses are to be paid for by the client on the term determined by the plugin. NWP will assist with any necessary purchases, but should the client choose not to renew, NWP is not responsible for any issues that might arise due to a premium plugin that becomes outdated. 

2 If you hit your hosting storage limit, you will be contacted to upgrade your plan to a higher tier or add-on more storage space.

3 Upon customer request. If your changes exceed your allotted time, additional charges will apply. Unused time does not roll over from month to month. Tasks that qualify would be things like posting a blog entry you provide, making minor copy changes to wording on site, replacing photographs, etc. Building new pages, SEO work, programming, graphic design work, etc. is not included in this allotted time.

4 Updates are performed automatically by the system on a weekly basis. It is important to manually monitor your website if you enable system auto-updates in case an update fails and corrupts your website. We also highly recommend using an automatic backup option if auto-updates are enabled.

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